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How to Plan for Your Etsy Shop’s Holiday Sales

At this time, listing an item on Etsy costs $0.20, so the price of posting an item for the next four months is minimal. But wouldn’t you like to get the most for your money? And by that I mean favorite items, shop views, and all-important sales.

Selling on Etsy
If your shop sells items related to different holidays, when do you post those items for sale? If you wait until four-to-six weeks before a holiday you may be missing out on giving people a chance to view your item. Consider, you are posting an item for four months (although the listing disappears when you sell out), so why not post those holiday items three or four months before that holiday.

You may be thinking that this action rivals the retail stores that put out Christmas items a week before Halloween and all that Halloween candy as soon as the back-to-school items sell. But, really, what is the harm in putting up an item for sale?

If you have enough listings in your shop, you can rearrange the items, moving the holiday items off your front page if you don’t want to seem pushy. Create a section labeled “Holiday” for those visitors who enjoy the thrill of seeing what your hot holiday items will be.

Another reason to plan ahead? Retail sales pick up closer to the holidays and you may be too busy to create the items you thought you’d add to your offerings.

Planning Holiday Sales
First, consider your line of merchandise and if you would have holiday-specific items. If you sell tea, you may have Christmas-themed flavors but you wouldn’t do anything special for Independence Day in the United States. In an ideal world, list the holiday items you would like to offer in your shop.

Next, flip through a calendar and jot down the dates of those holidays. Count back three or four months and note approximately when you could be listing holiday items. You don’t want a sale to end the day of a holiday, particularly if you will discount items after the holiday. However, in February or March no one wants to buy your Christmas ornaments.

Finally, write in your calendar when you should start making holiday-specific or season-specific items so you can post them in your maximized window for sales. As a crafter, it takes time to make things, so plan ahead. Yes, you’ll be making Halloween items in June so you can post them in July. Call it a holiday preview. Watch which items people favorite as a clue to merchandise you can promote.

Odd Holidays
Check out some holiday and observance days you may have never heard of and consider if you have items that you can tie into Popcorn Day, Hug Your Cat Day, Sunglasses Day, or National Watermelon Day. These might not have a big draw or lots of sales, but you could use these as keywords in your title or description and show up in higher in search engines.

Also consider, planning ahead for any connections to the zodiac, Chinese zodiac, birthstones and their color, or the flower designated for each month. All of this is about more than just getting the most from your $0.20 listing fee. You want to plan ahead so you have the products you want for sale available to the public when they start looking… and buying.


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